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About Us

To be effectively trained in the art and science of Gun Safety, we believe that it is essential that you are trained by people who work with guns on a day-to-day basis. All our instructors are ex-military, law enforcement, trained personal protection officers and/or security officers, with numerous years of experience in handling weapons of all shapes and sizes.

  • Stay Safe. Learn More. Get Certified.

    Our training team has unrivaled real-world experience, credentials and skills to meet and exceed your training needs. We are professional, courteous, friendly, and committed to providing you the training for you to enjoy firearms safely.

  • Cheif Instructor Conrad Palermo ( N.R.A. Certified Instructor)

    Conrad Palermo is the Owner and Chief Instructor at Gun and Safety Center. Following a 30-year intelligence, personal protection and security career, Conrad moved into Port Security, handling all aspects of security for merchant ports in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and other areas.

  • Learn from Experienced Professionals

    Gun & Safety Center brings in associates on a regular basis as we try to gather as many different instructional view points from the fields of law enforcement and private  security.  We are lucky to have passionate, knowledgeable instructors from all law enforcement levels who bring their decades of combined experience to us and you.


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INTERMEDIATE Concealed Weapons License Course

We train you to safely handle a firearm, plus tried and tested aiming techniques and correct posture and stance for accurately hitting your target.


28 Hour Class “G” License Course

Allows the security officer, private investigator (or intern) to perform duties in an armed capacity.  This training must be taught by a class “K” firearms instructor.

4 Hour Class "G" Annual Re-qualification Course

Florida License “G” Armed Security Officers must requalify, at least once a year, by training and being evaluated on their use of a handgun.

Advanced Concealed Weapons Course

This class is meant for those who are already familiar and comfortable in handling and shooting a handgun; this is not for beginners.

BASIC Concealed Weapons Course

The following courses will be offered on a later date: Hand Cuffing, Extendable Baton, OC Spray
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