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INTERMEDIATE Concealed Weapons License Course

Gun and Safety Center will train you to safely handle a firearm, plus tried and tested aiming techniques and correct posture and stance for accurately hitting your target. We will assist you in actual practice on a range, as well as with the other important aspects of self-defense.  Our courses are comprehensive, challenging and thorough. We take you above and beyond the minimum requirements required to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapons License. We only provide top-notch courses that will give you the knowledge you need to handle a firearm safely and effectively along with the necessary mind set to defend yourself or your loved ones when the time comes.

Concealed Weapons License
This one day course meets and exceeds the State of Florida’s requirements for a Concealed Weapons License.

We have designed this program with six objectives in mind:
1. Safety First
2. Fire arm handling
3. Effective firearm shooting
4.Carrying a concealed firearm; to include methodologies, tactics, apparel, holsters, etc.
5. Mind set
6. Situational Awareness (the best defense is not putting yourself in a position to have to shoot someone).

We divide the program into two separate courses:

  • The Basics

    The morning course has a duration of approximately 4 hours. The class will be dedicated to Safety First, Firearm Handling and Effective firearm shooting.  At the end of this class, you will be given a certificate of completion, valid for applying for a Florida concealed weapons license. This license is valid in approximately 37 states which have a reciprocity agreement with the State of Florida.

  • Mind Set and Concealed Carry

    The afternoon course will last approximately 3 hours. This will focus on carrying a concealed gun, concealed carry methods & tips, important overview of Chapter 790 Florida Statutes on concealed carry, mind set and situational awareness. It is our belief that it is an important responsibility to carry a firearm and know when to use it.  There are at least a dozen questions you have to ask yourself before you pull that trigger to defend yourself or others.  We will answer these questions for you so that you are prepared and ready.  This class was developed and is taught by a professional with over 30 years of concealed carry, personal protection and security experience who will open your eyes to the meaning and responsibility of carrying a concealed fire arm. At the end of this course, you will receive a certificate for attending a Mind Set and Concealed Carry course.

Included in the course price are:
Certificate of Completion for “The Basics”
Certificate of Completion for “Mind Set and Concealed Carry
Professional Instruction
Course material
Concealed Weapons material hand-outs
Eye and Ear protection for use at the range.
We provide all firearms to be used if you don’t have any.

Bring appropriate clothing for the occasion.
Gun and Safety Center will provide the guns and the ammunition unless you prefer to bring your own (recommended).
Gun and Safety Center will provide ear and eye protection at no charge for those needing it. You are welcome to bring your own if desired.
You will have several 10 minute breaks throughout the day.
Remember that we are giving you a wide variety of instruction.  This one day course is designed to give you the basics so that you can practice and fine tune these tools. Without practice, you will lose these acquired abilities. As the saying goes (and it is true), you will only be half as good as your best day at practice when you have to defend yourself or your loved ones when the adrenaline kicks in.

We are so convinced of the quality of this course that we offer a 100% bullet-proof guarantee that if you are not happy with what we have taught you, we will refund your paid fee without any questions asked. Our primary intent is to provide each and every one of you the basic knowledge to be a safe and responsible armed citizen.

The Basics: The certified course has a cost of $55 per person in groups of 4 or more.  Individual instruction with up to 3 people will have a cost of $75 per person.

Mindset and Conceal Carry course: This course has a cost of $40 per person in groups of 4 or more.  Individual instruction with up to 3 people will have a cost of $60 per person

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