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Class "G" Annual (4 Hour) Re-Qualification Course

It is Gun and Safety Center’s top priority to ensure our customers complete our courses with the highest quality and thorough training available, and the most up to date information. Our firearms instructor comes to the table with 40 plus years of experience in the security industry.  

As per Florida State Chapter 493 provision, all Florida License “G” Armed Security Officers must requalify, at least once a year, by training and being evaluated on their use of a handgun.

The licensee must also submit proof that a minimum of four hours of firearms recertification training, taught by a Class “K” licensee, has been received for that year of the license period.
This proof is done by turning in form # 16005 CERTIFICATE OF FIREARMS PROFICIENCY FOR STATEWIDE FIREARM LICENSE (given to the student by the instructor) to the Division of Licensing upon completion, but before certified date, of the four-hour course.

The department may waive the previously mentioned firearms training if:
1. The applicant provides proof that he or she is currently certified as a law enforcement officer or correctional officer under the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission and has completed law enforcement firearms requalification training annually during the previous 2 years of the licensure period.

2. The applicant provides proof that he or she is currently certified as a federal law enforcement officer and has received law enforcement firearms training administered by a federal law enforcement agency annually during the previous 2 years of the licensure period.

3. The applicant submits a valid firearm certificate among those specified in s. 493.6105(6)(a) and provides proof of having completed requalification training during the previous 2 years of the licensure period.
The licensee is responsible for filling out a renewal application for the Department of Agriculture, accompanied by payment of the prescribed fee every two years and before the expiration date of the G License.

  • Program Description

    The 4-hour course will consist of classroom time, testing, review and range time.

    The cost of the course is $85 and includes course materials, range fees, targets, eyes and ears.

    You must bring your own ammunition or purchase it at the range. Handgun rental is available for a minimal fee.

    Classroom: Two hours of class will be given according to regulations. There is a mandatory class curriculum that will be conducted during this period. The student is asked to bring their firearm to the classroom unloaded along with duty belt if applicable, a minimum of two speed loaders or two magazines as appropriate as there will be dry fire practice.

    Test and Review: A 25 question written test will be administered after the class curriculum is done. The student will have up to one hour to complete the exam and will need a grade of 70% or higher to pass. A short review of correct answers will follow examination.

    Range Time: Your course of fire shall consist of 48 rounds. Your minimum acceptable score on the range course will be 168 points of a possible 240. You will be allowed to make three attempts at achieving a passing score of 70% (168 points) or greater. If you qualify on the first pass, you will not need to fire the additional two.

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