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Advanced Concealed Weapons Course

This class is meant for those who are already familiar and comfortable in handling and shooting a handgun; this is not for beginners. This course will cover several topics over a full day of study and practice.

These categories are:
Firearms safety
Firearms handling
Best practices and mindset
Tactical techniques
Malfunction clearances
Advanced firearms shooting skills
Evaluation drill

90% of this course will be hands on instruction. We will be outside most of the day for the class. Dry-fire practice, as well as live shooting will take place.  

You should bring the following equipment to the course:

Your concealed carry gun, holster, at least two magazines but preferably three along with pouches to hold the extra magazines (or speed loaders if you are bringing a revolver)
400 rounds of ammunition (full metal jacket)
Comfortable clothes including a ball cap type hat.
You should also bring and outer shirt/coat or outer garment that covers the gun, or purse, fanny pack or any other garments, since we will be shooting from a concealed platform. Typically, you should bring the clothing you would usually use when you are out an about, carrying your concealed firearm
Eye and ear protection
Bring sun screen/protectant if you need to

The course will have a duration of approximately 6 to 7 hours with a limited amount of students so as to receive a one-on-one instruction platform.

This class will definitely give you a broader and better understanding of how to handle you firearm safely and effectively with increased performance and accuracy. Learn the balance between speed & precision!

The cost of the Advanced Concealed Weapons Course is only $150.

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